ACA • Asia Crypto Alliance


Patron Members

• Authority to direct ACA’s agenda and activities

• Possess voting rights

• Authority to appoint ACA’s management team

• Authority to determine inclusion of new members

• Patron members will be highlighted by ACA during press briefings, conferences, etc

• Patron members will be named on newsletter/publications issued ACA

• Participation in ACA’s close door events, where appropriate

• Participation in all ACA’s committees, conferences and events incl. speaking opportunities where appropriate

• Company website link in ACA’s web page

• Entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings and

• Right to appoint a company delegate to represent their interest in the AGM or EOGM in the event their designated representative cannot attend

Primary Members

• Participation in all committees and events organized by ACA incl. speaking opportunities where appropriate

• Participation in ACA’s networking activities

• Right to initiate special projects subject to board approval

• Company website link in ACA’s web page

• Entitled to attend Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings as an observer

• Right to appoint an alternate delegate to attend meetings as an observer if representative cannot be present and

• No voting rights

Associate Members

Associate members are companies, societies, cooperative societies or bodies corporate that have a strong interest in the development and growth of virtual financial assets, other than those entitled to apply for Patron or Primary membership in the ACA.

• They shall have the right to participate in committees and special events organized by ACA subject to approval from voting members

• Access to networking events organized by ACA

• Designated company representatives can be appointed by voting members to sit in the management committee because of their unique and specialized skills

• Company website link in ACA’s webpage and

• No voting rights

ACA Membership

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By clicking SEND I/we hereby submit a membership application to join Asia Crypto Alliance Ltd., hereinafter known as the Alliance. We agree to the Alliance's Governance Charter and acknowledge the rights accorded to our company's membership tier.